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Silver Coin Peace and Love


Weight: 15g
Packing: walnut box
Cleanliness: 999/1000
Dimensions: diameter 37mm



As of October 20, 2017, a special, limited edition of silver coins has been prepared, with the new name “Silver coin – Peace and Love”.

The silver coins are forged in a limited edition, only 1,800 pieces.

The final price of the silver coin includes: gift packaging and a certificate with a serial number.

Most of them are purchased for the purpose of gifting and conveying the message of peace and love. Namely, on the one hand, the coin adorns the motif of Slovenia, which in its name hides the already well-known word love, and on the other hand a part of our Slovenian anthem, authored by dr. Franceta Prešeren, who spreads the message of peace among nations.

Many people cannot imagine a more beautiful gift that strengthens the national consciousness in love and peace.