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Silver coin Jože Plečnik


Weight: 15g
Packing: walnut box
Cleanliness: 999/1000
Dimensions: diameter 37mm



Slovenian silver coin Jože Plečnik is dedicated to the most famous Slovenian architect, who is also one of the most important artists of the 20th century in the world. Plečnik designed public and private buildings in Vienna, Czech Republic, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Zagreb and Dalmatia. His last major work is the extensive renovation of the former Križanke monastery in Ljubljana.

On the top side of the silver coin is a portrait of Jože Pučnik with his signature and the dates of his birth and death. The back side of the coin depicts Slovenia with the year of its accession to the European Community (1991).

Silver coin can be obtained in a box made of 70-100 years old walnut trees. Walnut wood is hard, tough and durable, and its color can be light or dark brown, and in some places even gray. The silver is also accompanied by the appropriate certificate.