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Silver Coin Ivan Cankar


Weight: 15g
Packing: paper pocket
Cleanliness: 999/1000
Dimensions: diameter 37mm



The Slovenian silver coin with the motif of Ivan Cankar was issued by the company Elementum in cooperation with Cankarjev dom on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the writer’s death. Ivan Cankar was born in Vrhnika in 1876 and was one of the few Slovenian writers, playwrights and poets who could make a living by writing.

On the top side of the silver coin there is a portrait of Ivan Cankar with his signature and the date of his birth and death. The back side of the coin depicts Slovenia with the date of its accession to the European Community (1991).

The silver coin can be obtained in a white paper pocket. The coin comes with a certificate, and the series is limited to 1918 pieces!